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Download Save Data (profile.dat) Dream League Soccer La Galaxy

Save Data DLS La Galaxy – if in the previous article I'm sharing the DLS mod, on this occasion I'll be sharing the save data Dream League Soccer as usual.


Save Data Dream League Soccer specialize for club La Galaxy, so if you are a fan of club La Galaxy Maybe save data is perfect for you guys.

Save this La Galaxy DLS data this is still the same as the other save Dls which is that the original player arrangement also has an unlimited number of coins.

Okay as usual here I will only explain a little about the names of the players that are contained in the save data Dls LA Galaxy.

Save Data (profile.dat) Dream League Soccer La Galaxy

Here I will explain the number of coins, division positions, and also the roster of players.

Coins, DLO Rating specifications and others

  • Coin (16,777,610)
  • Division (Elite Division)

List of player names and their positions

Main Squad

  • Bingham (GK)
  • Yedin (RB)
  • Umafia (CB)
  • Garcia (RM)
  • Lichaj (RB)
  • Alessandrini (LM)
  • Pedro (AM)
  • Dos Santos (CM)
  • Enzo Perez (AM)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (CF)
  • Boateng (CF)


  • Hyndman (CM)
  • Williams (DM)
  • Diallo (DM)
  • Ciani (CB)
  • Klein (RB)
  • Mathis (CM)
  • Douglas (RB)
  • Van Damme (LB)

Stamina :

  • SPE: 100 TAC: 100
  • ACC: 100 PAS: 100
  • STA: 100 CRO: 100
  • CON: 100 SHO: 100
  • STR: 100 HEA: 100

To get the save data you can download it through the link (here).

How to install Save Data (profile.dat) Dream League Soccer's 

  1. Extract The Save Data because it is zipped/rar
  2. If already in Extract in the file there is a folder named files next copy the folder files.
  3. Next into the folder android/data/com.firsttouchgames.dls3/here. Well in the folder (com.firsttouchgames.dls3) That's where you put the folder.

Until here how to install save data Dream League Soccer is complete, to see the results please open your game, but if it does not work please repeat the above tutorial until it really works.

Good luck..!!!

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